Template:Nihongo is a worldwide organization of martial artists who use their skills to gain power. Yami is divided into two divisions: the Hand-to-Hand Combat Division and Weapons Division. They use elements as symbol. In Battle 154 they were formed after World War II many masters lost their lives. They were formed not let martial arts disappear from their culture. They have alot of connections to the world, mafia and etc. If one of their divisonal member were sent to jail like Christopher Eclair. He break and Yami stop the investigation of him.

One Shadow, Nine FistEdit

The group of masters that control both Yami and YOMI. They fight to promote the Satsujin ken(killing fist) which they believe is the true way of martial arts as oppose to the Katsujin ken(saving fist). Silcardo also mentioned that the only reason they are together is to avoid fighting each other. Oddly there are apparently ten of them despite being called Nine Fist, (though it can be that Saiga only counts as the One Shadow and is not included in the Nine Fist part.)