Kenichi Shirahama


Kenichi Shirahama

白浜 兼一

(Shirahama Kenichi)


Niijima's slave

Debut (Manga) The High School Girl Who Is Like An Assassin
Debut (Anime) The Place Where Heros Gather
Voice actor(s) (English) Josh Grelle
Seiyū (Japanese) Tomokazu Seki
Type Sei
Martial Arts

Karate, Jujutsu, Chinese martial arts, Muay Thai and swordmanship(although he never uses weapons)

This is the Kenichi Shirihama. He's the main character of the series. Although he isn't very interesting himself, seeing him get beat up all the time and occasionally dish out some impressive fight moves may be kinda fun. The first chapter is called "The High School Girl Who Is Like An Assassin". It took me two days to realize that they are talking about Miu and not Kenichi. That's how lame Kenichi is.

Also, he's an insane masochist. Sexual pleasure heightens pain tolerance by up to 250%, which explains why he can be beaten up so badly and still be alive.


Kenichi is the protaganist of the anime. Kenichi Shirahama is a first year high school student who likes to read How to... books for some reason. He should look up "How to fuck hot girls", but he hasn't finished "How to Masturbate". He was initially viewed as a weakling by the rest of his school and was ranked as the weakest student. When you're so weak that even Niijima can beat you up, then there's a problem with you. Eventually, time passes and a wicked huge badass monster named Daimonji begins to beat the shit out of Kenichi during karate club and fart on his lap during matches (Don't like the muscle farting fetish? Well that'll suck, cause it's everywhere here, get used to it). Eventually, Daimonji tells Kenichi to leave karate club. I don't know why, but he claims it's because Kenichi will always be a loser and is waisting his time there. Most bullies would take advantage of having a pounching bag like Kenichi around, but I guess Daimonji has too much honor for that, but not enough honor to not force him out of a club he enjoys. That makes sense.

In order to become strong enough to protect others, he becomes a disciple of the Ryōzanpaku Dojo, where the residents are either big, buff and sadistic, or rocks an incredibly huge rack and luscious ghetto booty. The only exception is Kensai, who nobody cares about, so this makes him relatable to kenichi. Eventually Kenichi lives there, so he can fully embrace his masters' teachings (beatings is more like it, since Kenichi is a masochist and all). He whines all the time, and he does it in a way that is kind of annoying and cliche. He also mentions in episode 18 that he's hydrophobic, even though that's still uncertain.

Though he is no longer picked on by the delinquents at his school, Kenichi's excessive mistreatment by others is one of the main sources of humor in the series. He is constantly ridiculed and looked down on, physically abused for no reason, is always denied his only pleasures of reading and gardening, and receives no praise at all for his accomplishments and actually only gets ridiculed more (sometimes by people much weaker than himself). The reason why he hasn't killed himself yet is simple; he's a masochist who craves the abuse.

Isshinsai Ogata believes that he possesses untapped potential, and if he could unlock it, Kenichi would become the strongest in the world. Let's all take a minute to pretend that this is true. Kenichi: TMD isn't a fantasy or a supernatural, there's no way a person who sucks at martian arts yet somehow gets good at it is going to have untapped potential that can make him the strongest in the world. I mean I know this is anime, but for fuck sake, it's Kenichi, he's a total loser.

Later on, it is revealed that he and Ryuto (a.k.a. Odin), the First Fist of Ragnarok, were once childhood friends, before Kenichi moved out of the neighborhood. Though Kenichi initially did not remember Odin, he was actually the one who gave a cat badge to Kenichi, which he later exchanged with Miu for a Ying Yang badge. Odin missed out on some serious blonde baggage.

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Hayato punishes Kenichi and Kensai with his godly gas and his perfect erection.

Kenichi remembers a vow to become strong, but the vow that is important to Odin is one to fight for possession of the badge Kenichi got from Miu. During a visit to his old neighborhood to try to remember how Odin knows him, Odin fights and defeats Kenichi, taking his badge and exchanging it for one he'd gotten out of the same vending machine the other badges had come from. Did I mention that Odin is kind of mentally ill? He's really either obsessed with this badge that cost like 25 american cents, or Miu, the latter of which makes more sense because it's Miu, an incredibly dumb blonde with huge tits and a vagina that flows. Poor guy. The worse thing about it is that Kenichi isn't even hitting that, he's too afraid of Hayato to try anything. The big guy would probably beat the shit out of Kenichi before fucking him in the face. So Odin has to put that in mind as well.

When he fights Ryuto during the final battle of the Anime and manga, he is unable to defeat him with his usual style, because Ryuto had adjusted his Seikūken to counter it (this totally happens in the real world). However, when he imitates his masters' styles of fighting, he is finally able to overpower Odin by changing his rhythm, disrupting Odin's Seikūken. Here, it was shown that Kenichi can completely imitate his masters' fighting styles, and can copy every single move of his masters, even using their facial expressions and catchphrases (such as yelling "Apapa!" when he was imitating Apachai. Taiwanese police officers arrested Kenichi that day because they thought he was taking part in an orgy).

At this point Odin combines Sei and Dou together (Sei Dou Gou), giving himself immense power at the risk of burning himself out physically and mentally, and once again takes control of the fight (yeah, this is such a real anime). However, in order to save Odin from The Path of Asura he is on, Kenichi manages to regain his strength to match Ryuto Sei Do Gou form. Just when the strain on Ryuto's body reaches its limit, Kenichi uses his final attack. Ryuto admits his defeat and returns Kenichi's Ying Yang badge. This is getting stupid.



Kenichi lookin gooood!

Shirahama Kenichi is a total prick, plain and simple. He's timid, polite and cowardly, frequently treated as a friendless loser at the beginning of the series. He's like Naruto, only instead of being an attention whore who's kind of respectable, Kenichi's just a dull prick. He loves gardening and reading How to... books (my gaydar is ringing). However, it all changed when he met Miu Fūrinji, and shows no fear in the face of true danger. After the fateful meeting, he decided to stand for himself and be truly strong; or at least, strong enough to protect those who are dear to him. Though he's constantly considered cowardly at the beginning of the series, he shows that when his loved ones lives are on the line, he's actually much braver than he appears, going as far as to jump into the ocean full of sharks and fight one of them just to save his sister Honoka.

I've never met a person who has tons of bravery and no courage before. It's usually the other way around. How unusual.

He does have faults. For example, he often came off as cowardly and whiny during the beginning of his training, and still seems to be somewhat whiny to this day. Other faults include his refusal to fight women. This is due to a promise he made to himself as a child, and because of this, he does not go back on his moral. Does this make sense? Most people would make up a stupid moral as a kid and grow up to realize the stupidity behind it. Kenichi just keeps every moral he makes, no matter how stupid and useless. What a loser. Despite this fact, he ends up coming off as sexist whenever saying this, resulting in many beatings from females. Well DUH! Geez! Despite this, Kenichi has no problem letting other men fight women, such as Hayato Fūrinji or Tanimoto natsu, who have both strook or beaten women in his presance. Hayato even raped a few in front of Kenichi. Hayato even rapes Miu, yet Kenichi has no problem with it, not that he could stop Hayato anyways. Kenichi will do anything to have his penis where Hayato's has been.


His masters always state that Kenichi has no talent at martial arts, but Akisame stated that Kenichi is a genius at hard work. This is further reinforced in volume 15 of the manga, where Odin commented that Kenichi has mastered the essentials of the Seikūken in just a matter of days.

Apachai, Sakaki, Akisame and even the Elder, Hayato Furinji, tend to bully him sexually. Sakaki has a tendency to sit on him, and also teabags him whenever he finds Kenichi annoying. Apachai, when not beating Kenichi to a pulp while training him, tends to do other things outside of battle, such as force Kenichi to sniff his body after a hard workout, or fart in Kenichi's food. Akisame takes a sadistic glee out of watching Kenichi get torchured during his training. The Elder tends to fart on Kenichi, often submitting him with little effort before taking his time sitting on him, before letting loose a days worth of gas. He later gets the others to do the same. At one point, it is revealed that the fatulence of Akisame, Apachai, Sakaki, and the Elder managed to cling deep into the pores of Kenichi's skin, leaving him with a foul, offensive odor reminiscent of their gas. This causes them all to grab their penises and let out a contentive sigh, having all been turned on by this great accomplishment in their antics. At one point, the masters openly let Daimonji enter Ryozanpaku and allow him to fart all over Kenichi's pillow. They each patted him on the back and even a few times on the butt. Daimonji was honored.

Despite this, Shigure and Kensai never take into these antics. Shigure finds them childish, and Kensai treats Kenichi with more respect, yet still tends to steal his dinner (at one point eating it after Apachai had already farted in and all over it, much to Kensai's disgust and the other's enjoyment).


Through his hard work, Kenichi has developed a unique fighting style since he instinctively combines all the different types of martial arts he learns from his masters: Karate, Jujutsu, Chinese Kenpō, and Muay Thai. He called it the Saikyou Combo. He has 3 so far. He sometimes creates new moves by combining the techniques from each style of martial arts. After he learned how to use Ryusei Seikuken he combined it with Saikybo Combo 3 and used it against Shou and the combination of the two techniques sapped all his strength.

Who cares, Kenichi sucks.

Dojo Class GradeEdit

C-    Aside from being a total idiot obsessed with moral values made from his childhood, there's not much about Kenichi that's annoying. He's a total loser and weakest bitch in his school, but turns into a super hero or something when he's fed the magic cum of Ryozanpaku. I don't want to sound like a Narutard, especially since Shippuden sucks so much, but I think the show would be a lot better if they added Naruto, ore better yet Shikamaru in Kenichi's place.

Then again, it might not be as sexy seing them get beat up by these muscle gods.

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